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Double D Piping provides full-service commercial, industrial and residential fire protection services to the southeast, holding unlimited licenses in five states.

Around-the-clock service by Dedicated Knowledgeable Staff  With The Sole Purpose of Make Sure Your Systems Are Completely Reliable

The company is fully bonded, insured, and licensed to provide multiple services to five states in the southeast:

  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina

The growing success of our company results from:

  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent Service and Reliability
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Staff
  • 2 Nicet Water-Based System Level 3 engineers with 35+ years experience

The company is fully bonded, insured, and licensed to provide multiple services to five states in the southeast:

  • Double D Piping has an A+ rating with the BBB
  • Member of the NFPA, NFSA, Dun & Bradstreet
  • Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce
  • Design in total has over 75 years experience

A full staff capable of providing a multitude of services which include, but not limited to:

  • Design
  • Build
  • Fabrication




Portable hand-held extinguishers and wheeled units:

It’s important to keep fire extinguishers serviced by a reputable licensed technician for boats, vehicles, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, day care centers, and any public access areas that must meet the fire and insurance requirements for life safety.

Our service technicians and fire system specialists carry un-restricted permits and licenses to service all brand name extinguishers. We offer sales, service and installation to meet all hazard requirements in accordance with NFPA 10 and OSHA standards. Our sales department can provide our customers with any brand extinguisher requested.


Double D Piping provides total fire sprinkler system services on all types of systems. We offer services including free estimates, design, fabrication, installation, service and repair. No fire sprinkler project is too large, too small or too complex.

In an effort to help keep our customers lives and properties protected by keeping their fire sprinkler systems emergency ready, we offer 24/7 emergency services and comprehensive inspection, testing, and services.

Double D Piping sprinkler division offers design, installation, services, and preventative maintenance on the following:

  • Residential & Commercial Wet and Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Fire Mains & Hydrants
  • Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Water Based Foam Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Pumps

The NFPA 101-NFPA 70 and OSHA 29cfr1910 standards require that all emergency/exit lighting be 90 minute tested on an annual maintenance schedule and a monthly “quick test” completed and documented. Our technicians are certified in all brands of emergency/exit lighting services, sales and installations. We carry a full line of replacement batteries, bulbs and replacement parts.with any brand extinguisher requested.


Firestopping is a system used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies.

Our specialists are accredited firestop contractors providing firestop solutions for hospitals, industrial and chemical plants, assisted living facilities and more.  We specialize in new construction and/or existing build out jobs.  We will be happy to provide quotes and bids for your projects, large or small.


At Double D Piping we specialize in all types of industrial fire suppression systems including paint booths, dip tanks, storage facilities, and IT rooms requiring clean agent and dry chemical systems.

We have provided new installations for some of the largest corporations as well as the small businesses in our region. We can also provide the drawings for AHJ approval through our in-house design office. Call today for a free quote/bid for sales, service, and/or installation.


Double D Piping can provide sales, service and installation per NFPA 17a: Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems.  

We provide this service for all brand name systems including, but not limited to, Ansul, Pyro-Chem, Pro-Tex II, Kitchen Knight, Range Guard, Buckeye, and Kidde.  We will be happy to provide a quote for required semi-annual system inspection packages, new installation and/or system hydro tests.


Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a colorless, odorless, non-conductive gas that suppresses fire without leaving behind any residues after discharge, thus avoiding damage to sensitive equipment.

With no agent clean up, there is less downtime after an incident. When properly designed, the carbon dioxide system will suppress fire in Class A, B, and C hazards by displacing the air containing oxygen that supports combustion.

Our specialist can provide bids/quotes, installation, upgrades, inspections and service for all CO2 engineered systems, including hand held and wheel unit extinguishers.


Double D Piping has several certified backflow prevention technicians to perform backflow testing on domestic, irrigation, and wet and dry sprinkler system backflows.

Backflow preventers (a.k.a. cross connections) are mechanical plumbing devices used to prevent the undesirable reversal of the flow of water from its intended direction in any pipeline or plumbing system. Backflow is dangerous because it can allow drinking water in plumbing systems to become contaminated and unusable.

Per the AWWA, domestic and irrigation backflows must be tested annually; and per NFPA 13, wet fire sprinkler system backflows must be tested annually and dry sprinkler system backflows must be tested semiannually.


Double D Piping offers 2 in-house Nicet Water Based System Level 3 engineers with 35+ years experience.

We specialize in schools, government funded projects, and privately owned warehouse buildings.  We work closely with fire protection engineers to assist in generating design intent drawings and also with many local general contractors to help form early design concepts to present to potential owners.

Our design team strives to design systems that fulfill our customers’ needs while meeting all codes and standards involved.  We work closely with local and state A.H.J.’s as well as the customer’s insurance carriers to insure a quick turn around on submitted plans.

Our design office uses Hydra-Tec, a tried and proven software system, to perform everything from hydraulic analysis to complex 3D design.


Double D Piping has an underground crew with over 60 years combined experience in underground piping and heavy machinery operation. 

We own all of our equipment, which allows us to keep our prices competitive.  

We are capable of doing any underground utility jobs, including water mains or gas lines and backflow preventers.


Double D Piping has a personally designed world-class fire sprinkler fabrication shop capable of fabricating any job, welded or screwed pipe. 

Our company has several trained fabrication employees in welding, threading and grooving.  

Our facility is capable of producing 450 welded outlets per day.  No job is too large or too small.